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ENG 419 Writing for Podcasts

ENG 419 introduces students to the essential concepts, theories, and practices of podcasting. Specifically, the course provides students with opportunities to learn about effective podcasting writing practices and put these techniques to work in their own original podcast mini-series.

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Major Assignments

Podcast Genre Analysis

Conduct a genre analysis of existing podcasts within a chosen area of inquiry (e.g., climate change, social justice, video games, etc.).

Technique Presentation

Conduct an in-class presentation about a specific podcasting technique (editing, recording audio, asking good interview questions, etc.).

Podcast Mini-Series

Create a podcast mini-series in which you introduce your area of inquiry (ep. 1), tell a story (ep. 2), interview a stakeholder (ep. 3), and facilitate an informed conversation (ep. 4)

Key Texts

  • Out on the Wire: The True Storytelling Secrets of the New Masters of Radio by Jessica Abel
  • Tools for Podcasting by Jill Olmstead
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