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I'm an assistant professor of English in the Writing, Rhetorics, and Literacies program at Arizona State University. My research explores the rhetorical potential of place-based digital writing technologies, from mobile augmented reality applications to GPS-guided audio tours. My work has appeared  in Composition Studies, enculturation, Computers & Composition, Communication Design Quarterly, and Kairos.

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My first scholarly monograph forwards an innovative approach to how writing and rhetoric scholars might engage with the compositional affordances of mobile technologies. The book is scheduled for publication by Utah State University Press in early 2023.

In this article for Communication Design Quarterly, I outline a set of speculative ethical design guidelines that communication designers can take up in their work on workplace AR systems. 

In this article for Rhetoric Society Quarterly, I examine the rhetorical impact of environmental rephotography through the lens of epideictic rhetoric.

Recent Projects

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